Nail art perfection:) this is my nail art blog, you can see my links for my main blog:)
not all of the pictures i post here will be mine, but a lot of them will be. If I post your picture and don't give you the credit you deserve, please let me know and I'll fix that. You're all beautiful <3

Vans Warped Tour Nails! :)

Neon Leopard Nail Tutorial

(subitted by: JuicyNailArt)

Sorry for the shitty quality picture, my friend spilled vodka and iced tea on my camera so I needed to take this with my mom’s macbook camera…  haha but pink glitter and plaid design:)

Gabriella’s nails!

Silver “pot leaf” designs..haha :)

Gabriella’s and my nails from forever ago!

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